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2002 CR-V Accessories

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I love my MDX and all the wonderful acessories you have provided me to make it really look like one hot vehicle.

One of my famiy members just purchased a 2002 CR-V EX and was wondering if you have accessories for it. The order was placed last week and they said there is a 6 week wait period.

We just want to know if the CR-V accessories you have on your site are for the NEW 2002 model or for previous models.

If they are for previous models, could you please forward some sort of price list for 2002 accessories. And as always, send me some installation instructions if you need scanning.

Received my previous order, thanks a million, but had back surgery last week and wil lnot be able to install for about 2 weeks. Will post some pics at that point.

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My sister in law got a 2002 CRV from the dealer. Like the MDX, they overcharge for accessories -- she got the LX model.

We got the keyless entry and the roofrack from Tim at, as expected, far cheaper prices than the dealer, with the intstructions, great service, and free shipping as always. The site I think still only offers parts for up to the 2001 model, but if you call him, he will quote prices for anything you need.

Give him a call....
The '02 CRV accessories are going to be coming to the HAW site very soon (better late than never). Sure, give me a ring and I'll be glad to help!
Thanks a lot for the info. Don't even really know what accessories are available for the 2002 CR-V yet since dealer had no info.

We were able to get the EX model for $1000 below sticker. Other dealers wanted $2000 above. Anyone in the LI area interested, let me know and I can hook you up with this excellent and reputable Honda dealer.

Will give you a call Tim as soon as we find a build date.

good price..


That's a good price on the EX -- we got the AWD LX for 250 off -- it was sitting on the dealer's lot -- deal fell through b/c buyer owed too much on her trade-- we just drove it right off the lot -- no wait.

As far as accessories, although the look has changed for some of the 02s, there are pretty much the same stuff available -- take a look at tim's site to get an idea of what's out there for the CRV>

There are things like the hard tire cover, etc. The EX and the roofrack come standard, I think, on the EX, so you don't even need to consider them. They should all be listed on the website or the brochure, tho...
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