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I am obviously not a dealer, as the amount of non income producing time I have spent on this site will attest.

However, my salesman just called me up tonight stating that he has a 2002 Base MDX available with nothing on it (no options) for MSRP as of tonight. The car came in, and the would be purchaser called to state that he had been laid off. The dealer is Castle Acura in Wilmington DE (40 minutes from Phili/South Jersey). My salesman was David Keith, and it was nothing but a smooth transaction from start to finish (see dealer ratings for my experience -- no pressure with financing for extra stuff, quick transaction, etc.

Anyway, their number is 302-323-1100. Please give my name (David Goodrich), and ask for my salesman as I think they have referral program, and I could use the $$$ for a cargo liner

If this post is edited because it is commercial, please PM me for info.
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