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2001 or 2002

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I have an opportunity to purchase a 2001 MDX Base with an added roof rack for $32,000.00. I can purchase a brand new 2002 base MDX for approx. $35,000.00. A spread of only $3,000.00. Any opinions from the members of this forum on which one is the better deal? The 2001 has only 16,000 miles.

Also, what changes were made with the 2002 model over the 2001.

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See this thread for information about the changes in the 2002 model:


for a $3000 difference, I would definitely go with the 2002. There would have to be a much larger price difference before you should consider the 2001 since it has 16,000 miles already.

personally, I would only consider the 2001 if it was under $29K

before anyone jumps on this, I'm not saying the 2001 with 16,000 miles is only worth $29K. I'm just saying that there would have to be a larger $ difference before one should consider getting a 2001 when a 2002 is available.
I am not willing to trade 16,000 miles for $3,000. Normally, first year depreciation faster than later years. Also, there is noise reduction and other improvement in 2002 that I'll go with 2002 model.
Even Uncle Sam gives you more than $3k for 16k miles. That plus depreciation (if that matters to you) plus the slight changes to the car make the '02 a better deal IMO.

If it were a new or superlow mileage '01 vs an '02 for $3k difference, in all honesty I'd take the '01.


It's the difference between a used car or a new car.. spend the 3000!

It's not like you are getting a 20000 car.. it's 30000+ already..

Why get a used one?

If your choice was between a new 2001 and a new 2002 for the 3000.. and

you don't care about the noise, and other problems.. then maybe save the 300..

Also.. I'd say get the touring and navi if you can.. trust me.. you'll love it.

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Extra year's warranty on the newer car. That's worth something too.
If you can wait, go with the 2002. I haven't noticed any issues with the 2001 model's trouble spots (wind noise, weeping mirrors, tank slosh, etc.).

But, if you're in a hurry and want an MDX, you'll be happy with the 2001 I'm sure.
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