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2001 Acura MDX w/Nav for sale...

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2001 GG Acura MDX w/Nav for sale...

Greetings everyone...

I am afraid I am having to part with my 2001 Acura MDX for financial reasons. I was using it to call on customers for business but the financial times require a much lower payment...

If you are interested, I am looking to sell it around the end of October.


2001 Granite Green MDX w/NAV and the following options.
Wood Shift Knob
Cargo Liner
Paint Protectant Kit
Fender Flares
Base Carrier Kit
Moon Roof Visor
Rear Splash Guards
Side Steps

The car has 20K miles.

I am asking $35K
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MDX for sale

I am located in NJ (zip 08361) and am interested. Reply to [email protected] or call 856-692-3600, x5351. I was planning to order an 02 this weekend so advise asap. Ron
Some Pictures...


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Right side..


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MDX still for sale...

I am lowering the asking price to $34K.

The car is available immediately!
how do i contact u?

what's your e-mail to contact about this
Vuhu...I sent you a private message...
For sale again!!!

Howdy everyone!

I am parting with the MDX as I've sold the home in NJ and have moved to Texas. It is high mileage (40K), but they are gentle miles.
I was a local account executive and used the MDX to travel to accounts.

The price is very good however. New, the MDX as I have it optioned is over $39K. I am now trying to sell it for $29K.

It won't be available until about the 3rd week in July.

Ping me on list if interested or at [email protected] if interested.

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They allow MDXs in Texas

Bring it with you;)
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