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Pretty much the best car I've owned, and I even compare it well to my 2010 M3 and 10 years ago S500.

Once I got used to the funky 2 screen Info system, and read the several hundred pages manual to understand everything, I've come to really love this vehicle. The transmission is super silky smooth, as is the engine driving it. The SH-AWD handling is really good, I'm super impressed for the handling as if it was a sports sedan leave alone an SUV.

Love the LKS and adaptive cruise. Though it took some gritting of my teeth to not hit the brake to prove that the low speed follow feature works... and it does, well. The semi autonomous features aren't perfect though. You can't count on them to always work, or if working, to lose track of the lane without a moments notice, or really for no good reason. But still, much better than not having these first generation features.

No complaints or glitches so far, everything works perfectly. Well, the one minor glitch is the driver seat has an odd bump in the lower back area. I can't feel it sometimes, and other times it's there. Not enough to bother me, but an odd defect in an otherwise pretty awesome car. Body panel fit isn't perfect everywhere and on the top of the roof, behind sunroof, I found a small paint defect. But these are super minor issues.

Overall, very satisfied with this, my first Acura.
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