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2-week ahead reservation for loaner car?

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I called the dealer where I originally bought my mdx from yesterday for first time oil change and fixing weeping mirrors. They can schedule me any time even on next coming Monday. The problem is they don't have any loaner car for you unless you reserve the loaner at least 2 weeks in advance.

My question is, they can schedule me any day even on the next business day, it means they don't have a lot of service booked. They must have less-than-needed number of loaner.

Is this normal to all dealers? Or I got a dealer with poor service?

Any help will be appreciated!!
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Are loaners just for people that bought the car at the specific dealership or it doesn't matter? I'm buying my car from a dealer that's 2 hours off. There are closer ones, and was just wondering what service I could expect if I didn't buy the car from the dealer.
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