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I have two additional GEX-P7000TV modified for the MDX navi conversion exactly like mine. I already hooked up an IR sensor, 4pdt relay, circuit board with fuse, navi/video switch, and everything else. The unit has a built in TV tuner, fm modulator, slim remote, extra wire slack so it can be installed anywhere in the X, and can accept input for all you favorite toys (dvd, ps2, cameras, etc.) and can provide output for 3 addtional screens. With the unit I will email labeled pictures to help with the install. Every unit has been tested. If interested I'm considering selling them at $299.99 + 14.99 insured shipping.

Installation requires tapping the red, green, blue, and composite wires on the back of the gps unit. Hook up to the power source of your choice. Installation requires knowledge of wire tapping.

This unit is $200 less then other navi converion units that consist of the GEX-P7000TV. With the money saved you can purchase a PS2 and first game for the X. :)

If you are interested email me at [email protected] Supplies are extremly limited and once sold out that is it. Thank you
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