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Hey everyone! I was introduced to the world of Acura in 2005 when I bought a used 97 2.2CL. It was such a great car that 2 years ago when we were shopping for my wife something newer, we found her an '05 MDX Base model which now has 128,000 miles. We were looking for something with less miles and more equipment for her and I was going to inherit her old one when we stumbled across this 04 Touring edition with 97,000. The pictures looked great, but it was a little less clean and a little more thoroughly worn than her current car, so we decided to look for me something instead. After comparing the other options available, it was pretty clear that a 2nd MDX was the best choice for our family. (We have an almost 1 year old)

We love the levels of both sport and luxury that the MDX offers and it's handled the snow and ice with aplomb. Not long after we got hers, we got hit with a pretty strong snow storm for south eastern Kentucky (10-15 inches) and it took us safely an hour north transporting my sister to a necessary eye surgery. The weekend we brought our daughter home from the hospital we got about 10 inches of snow and I was glad to know that if it came to it, we could get anywhere we needed to go. (I can hear the northerners laughing now about that amount of snow, but take it easy on us southern guys, we don't get consistent snow like y'all do, so folks never really get used to it around here. Also we have lots of mountains, hills, and hollers, not much flat land in this neck of the woods.)

I've visited this site a number of times and read the forums looking for info on my wife's car, but figured it was time to join the site since we're a 2 MDX family now. I'm looking forward to owning this car (it's the nicest I've ever owned) and also to what I can learn from you other MDXers here!
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