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1st Application Zaino Leather Care & Gloss enhancer

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Amazing stuff! Everytime I use a product from zaino it amazes me. The leather care cleaner worked great and evaporated quickly and cleaned great. The leather conditioner went on easy and wasn't to greasy as I'm sure everyone knows is common with alot of inexpensive leather conditioners. After I finished that, I thought I'd try the gloss enhancer, and wasn't sure what to think. It goes on like a spray of water, but leaves an amazing shine as if I just applied the polish itself. I was able to go over the entire SUV in no time. I have never had such a good cleaner to use in between waxes. It was so easy and the look it's like glass or looking into water. Every MDX owner has to try these products!! They are a little costly, but lets face it if you could afford the MDX I think everyone on this web site can afford Zaino. I am waiting a new delivery from zaino, the clay bar, and that new accelerator for the polish, I'm sure I will be happy!!!
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just curious, do you still use leather cleaner and conditioner even though the seats are "leatherette" ???

haven't owned leatherette before..don't know what kind of cleaner is required

Yes Definetly

Yes you can use zaino on vinyl, and all types of leather or even plastic
Jeff. dpm't know what you mean by "leaterette". I use the term to refer to vinyl that looks like leather.

The X seats are actual leather in the seating areas and vinyl elsewhere.

The Zaino leather products can be used equally well on both, so you don't need a separate cleaner/conditioner for both leather and vinyl areas.

I actually did not like the Zaino leather conditioner. I actually prefer the Griots leather protector. The Zaino seemed to dull the finish and dry it out a bit while the Griots lubed it up real nice and it was not greasy.

The Zaino is great for protecting my paint though....
Anybody with exprience comparing Zaino with Lexol? I used to use Lexol all the time and found it great. Open to recommendations.
Zaino vs Lexol

I've used both and feel the zaino is a better product. I saw the other thread saying it wasn;t shiny enough, I actually like that the shiny ones tend to be too greasy and make you side all over the seat. They also tend to get all over your cloths, where the zaino is not greasy and does last a long time. Much better than Lexol!!!:D
Paul, I'd have to agree with you. I've done Griot and Zaino, and I presume Lexol is a bit like Griot. They make the seat too shiny for my taste....Zaino imparts a more satin finish, so it doesn't look like one has just Armoralled the seats. But Griot would be my second choice. It works great on shoes, too!
Generally, I never found Lexol to be shiny or greasy, the Amorall products usually are, like Amorall itself.
But unless you use rub Lexol in very well it does leave a bit of sticky residue. I still think it's a fine product, but look forward to trying Zaino.
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