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1ohm Amplifiers

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I bought a 1 ohm amp because it fit perfectly in the headrest compartment, runs cool no matter how long it has been on, and I got a good deal. I know 1ohm series amps are sometimes used in competition. What are the advantages of a 1ohm over a 2 or 4 ohm? What are the disadvantages other then power loss?
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An amplifier that is stable to "1ohm" has some advantages that other amplifiers do not. An amplifier that is stable to 1 ohm means that the amplifier is capable of running a 1 ohm load. But if the amplifier is running a 2 4 or 8 ohm load it will not make rated power. It will be running at quite a bit less of rated power. For example....If that amp is rated for 600 Watts @ 1 ohm, it will put out roughly 1/2 or 300 Watts @ 2 ohms and 1/2 again at 4 ohms 150 W. So don't be fooled by the term 1 ohm amp, it is up to you to give the amplifier the proper load. The load is the speaker...4 ohm woofer = 4 ohm load, two four ohm woofers wired in parallel (+ to + and - to - ) = 2 ohms. See ohms law for further info. I bet you are running the amp at a higher impedance than it is capable of which in turn will let the amplifer work less keeping it much cooler. Hope that helps a little.
Brian L

I think my subs were installed parrellel. I can blast it all day and it gets luke warm at the hotest. By the way, your system is amazing. Nice use of the stock tool box. Where is your subs located? I didn't see the subs in the pictures you posted.
here is a good rule of thumb.....If you have enough Bass for your taste and your amplifier does not over heat.....Don't mess with it. Sounds like you are content with your current system and it most likely will last forever. btw our Sub is located in the factory location but in a custom made fiberglass cabinet. It looks similar to the side you can see that houses the processor. 1 12" kicker with a bd1000.1 that sucker pumps also.
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