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17 Inches but 8 inches wide

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I have upgraded my OE wheels. However I went the conservative route and did not do a Plus One or even close to "Dubbing". I stayed with 17" but opted for an 8" width. Everything works fine and in fact, my X seems to corner and turn in better. I even kept the original Goodyears and due to the extra width, the X looks more "hunkered" down. Anybody else opt to stay with the 17" but upgrade width? IMHO, I felt that was the only really negative on the outside of the X: it's very skinny looking wheels. I am sure it was intentional due to better Fuel economy and probably better wet snow handling. My fuel econ appears to not have been affected, and hopefully my inclement weather handling has not been compromised.
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Can you post pictures? I t would be nice to see what they look like. I've been curious about how that would look keeping 17's, but going wider.
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