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I am interested on switching my MDX 2008 to 17" or even 16" if possible. The Pilot 2003-2008 uses 235/70R16 as factory size and the ride is very comfortable, soft and rubbered, while the MDX is (to my taste) too stiff and bumpy, every bump of the road is felt (although more stable/sporty).
I usually drive slow with my family/kids so comfort is our priority over sporty ride.

I would definitely switch it over to 17" but if the 16" rims is an option i would consider a try.

BTW, i is there anyone using rims 17" on a 2nd generation MDX in this forum? if so, i would love to hear about the ride quality after the change, my guess is that we lost stability (more leaning when turning) but we get a smoother ride (softer, more comfortable ride) and most probably longer life on the suspension components (specially on the front suspension elements).
Please share your feelings about it and any experience with the 17" will be highly appreciated.

Thanks !
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