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I recently hit the 15,000-mile mark on my 2001 MDX, and I am trying to determine the appropriate method of service.

I called 3 "nearby" Acura dealerships for 15,000 mile service quotes:

Dealer A (7 miles):
(includes Rear Diff Fluid, which I told him I didn't need, but he said he uses Severe Climate conditions)

Dealer B (10 miles):
(includes regular 15,000 mile service stuff)

Dealer C (28 miles):
(includes same services as Dealer B)

All 3 include Loaner Car. When I asked Dealer B if they would match a competitor's price, he said only "Item for Item" comparison.

It seems that what the 15,000 mile service REALLY comes down to is this:
* Oil and Filter Change
* Rotate Tires
* Change Wiper Blades
* Change Air Filter
* Adjust that Dang Parking Brake
* "Inspect" Belts and Hoses

Am I better off just asking for the individual services to be performed? I want to take care of the X, but don't want to be ripped off.


P.S. Has anyone tried taking their MDX to a Honda Dealer for service? That may be a possibility too.

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I would suggest that you get a quote to do those things at a local service station that specializes in car maintenance. I checked a local Honda dealer and they would not do the work on an Acura. I am pretty sure that to keep your warantee all you have to do is do the required work and have a receipt.

Then make the decision. Yes, sounds expensive, but their hourly labor rates are high. That is how the dealership makes much of its money.

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You need to get away from 'book time'. Tough to do these days.

Any dealership (Honda or Acura)will look at all the tasks, and add the time up for each item. This is irrespective of the actual time for each item. Multiply this by 70, 80 or 90 an hour, and it is still a lot.

To keep your warranty valid, you simply need to do the item. DIY or some other shop. Document the task, save the receipts.

I posted a list I use here:

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