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Hi, I was thinking of buying a CPO 13 Advance. But on its carfax, it has "Engine service" at an Acura dealer over a year ago. I requested to see the receipts/record, and found the following:

Date is on May 2015
Defect Code: 03214
Defect Code Desc: Erroneous operation
Failed Part Information:
Part Number: 36700-STX-A31
Part Desc: ACC UNIT

Under the "Unapproved Claims" tag on the record, under the same repair order, this is one more line:
Warranty Claims: Software update (ACC/CMBS)?.

There was another service done (June 13) before the vehicle was even delivered to the first owner (Nov. 13):

Defect Code: 09999
Defect Code Desc: ??? (not shown on record)
Failed Part Information:
Part Number: 10002-RYE-A10

This part number indicates that it is also engine related:
10002-RYE-A10 - Genuine Acura Dwg,Eng (Block)

So shall I still consider this CPO car? What shall I watch out for?
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