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I have a 2006 MDX with 125,000. Early December this year the one spark plug came loose and eventually came out damaging the coil pack. I was able to make it home. I had to rethread the cylinder that the spark plug came out of and purchase a new coil pack. I tried starting it and it seemed like it did not want to roll over, dead battery symtoms. I had the battery checked and found it to be bad. I purchased a new battery and put it in. It did not help it labored to roll over and then eventually stopping. I replaced the battery ground cable and visually inspected the fuses.
I removed the starter and had it checked. It was fine. I removed the alternator and had it checked. It was fine. I pulled the timing belt upper covers and checked the marks. Appears to be in time. Not sure what the issue is.
I attached a copy of the damaged coil pack. I also found two other spark plugs to be loose. I did replace all 6 spark plugs along with the damaged coil pack.


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