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I recently had 2 lock actuators replaced on my 05 MDX (front passenger & rear driver). Prior to the replacements, the only actuator that worked was the driver's door. With all other locks manually locked, I could lock the driver's door then engage the alarm by hitting the key fob lock button a 2nd time. I'd get the beep confirmation and the alarm light indicator in the driver's door would turn on & the alarm in the dash would be lit. This is no longer happening. Now when I press the lock button a 2nd time, all I hear are the doors locking (they do lock), the alarm light in the dash comes on but the light in the driver's door no longer comes on and I do not get a beep confirmation. So my questions are:
1 - could this be because there is another actuator(s) still needing replacement?
2 - is my alarm still engaged?

Thanks in advance!
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