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Hello MDXers,

I just joined today, and want to share a fix with what has been annoying me the past 3 months. My 2003 Acura MDX with 129k miles would start up and run in Park, but if I tried to shift in Reverse or Drive, it would stall out and all lights would come on. I could do this multiple times, and get the same result when the engine was cold. However, if I let the engine idle in Park for about 4-5 minutes and warm up, I could then shift into Reverse or Drive and drive like there's no problem. Other symptoms included a CEL code P2279 Intake Air System Leakage, and rough idling in general. The VTM4 light also came on, but it would usually stay off if I turned the car off and then turned it back on when the car was warm.

Anyways, this was a tough fix because I had thought it would be the idle air control, throttle body, EGR valve, or a valve adjustment. These were the fixes I read about when searching forums and speaking with a retired ASE Mechanic. It turned out to be a mix of items. Needed to replace the EGR Valve as there was a leak, needed to clean the throttle body as it was gummed up, and also needed a valve adjustment. These 3 items completely fixed the problem, and my MDX has not ran this well in about a year. I've also seen an increase of gas mileage from 16mpg to 19mpg.

Hope this helps anyone else who is experiencing this PITA problem!:smile2:
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