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im currently in the process of deleting the mid muffler and putting straight pipe in its place leaving the cat on and the rear resonator on as well...for now....

i got bored and im now taking on a job of trying to make the mdx sound nice but my buddy said messing with exhaust could cause backpressure problems?
hopefully not what do you think guys?

its loud now i havent fully taken it off yet im doing so tomorrow, just mounted the pipe up with some metal wire to hold so i could get to work today, seemed to drive fine except when i let off the gas it seems as if it downshifts without the engine breaking feeling...if you know what i mean, but maybe i only notice it because i can now HEAR the engine. which sounds like poop atm but we will iron out that tomorrow hopefully lol

thanks for the replys guys i really appreciate it trying to mod my car is fun for me and non of my buddies really do it anymore but i do my own work and my car looks good so far lets make it sound good too woo!!
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