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My '02 MDX climate control buttons work randomly. On the screen- sometimes the fan speed button works most times it won't work. Sometimes the button works to direct the heat/cabin and floor vents sometimes not. Sometimes I can choose AC sometimes not. The temp and the fan controls work above the screen. Usually I only get the full auto fan at whatever temp I want. It's either all on or all off in heat or AC mode if the AC decides to work. I've disconnected the engine battery and re connected it, rest the codes but that didn't help. Of course the dealer has never heard of this issue and want $180 per hr to diagnose it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

If I need to replace the computer and/or screen, anyone know the best upgrade? I rarely use the onboard Nav since I use my cell. It would be nice to have my cell screen show on the dashboard and a better stereo. Not sure that is possible. Thanks
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