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  1. Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    I've noticed that when I start my MDX after a good rain, a SIGNIFICANT amount of water comes out of the exhaust (we had a hard rain last night that lasted most of the night). I do not have water in my exhaust on days it does not rain. I am thinking the design of the muffler is allowing...
  2. Third Generation MDX (2014-2020)
    Hey everyone, Had an unpleasant surprise of finding moisture around the frame number plate yesterday while cleaning out the MDX. Decided to pull up the passenger side carpet to see how bad it was and the most of the passenger floor board from the kick panel up front to behind the passenger...
  3. MDX Manufacturing Problem!

    Sheet metal under front fender cut open to reveal "mystery water leak" problem (up to 2" of water on interior floor) -very little or No sealer used between metal!
1-3 of 3 Results