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  1. 2018 MDX Transmission

    Transmission Problems
    Hi All! Im new to this forum but not new to the Acura Family. I actually worked for an Acura dealer in sales and finance but that was about 15 years ago. I bought a 2018 MDX last’s about 15 months old. I’m a big fan of Acura and never had an issue with any of the vehicles I have...
  2. 2005 MDX Trans and speed sensor

    Transmission Problems
    G’day all, Wondering if anyone can offer any advice re our 2005 Honda MDX and transmission issues. It has done 200,000 KM Symptoms - the “A/T TEMP” light came on during a normal suburban drive the speedometer stopped working the car was in “D” on the shifter and the car would not...
  3. 03 MDX Transmission Issues - Solenoid A + Pressure Solenoid A Stuck On

    First Generation MDX (2001-2006)
    Hi folks, I have a few questions, hoping to get some answers. My car will drive fine in first and second and third gears up to a certain rpm or speed and then starts to rev and doesn't move. Then I have to turn it off in order to get it to move again, then same thing. I plugged in the code...