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timing belt

  1. '12 with 30K miles - Does timing belt need to be replaced?

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this wonderful resource A few months ago I bought a '12 MDX with 27K miles from an elderly lady who barely drove it of course. Loving our new family ride. Been reading that timing belts need to be replaced every 6/7yrs or 100,000 miles. Mechanic at Acura dealer...
  2. 2004 MDX Leaking coolant, is it water pump or water passage or head gasket?

    First Generation MDX (2001-2006)
    Hi All, Long time lurker, I've found this community so great to get DIY information. I've been able to tackle a number of first time jobs myself: valve adjustment, new alternator, new radiator, compressor clutch, serpentine belt, idle tensioner, throttle position sensor, brake pads, rotors...
  3. 2013 MDX noise post timing belt service

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    Hello. Newly registered but have relied on feedback from this community for years now so thank you. I have a 2013 MDX base with 112k miles. Just recently had timing belt service including water pump, drive belt, tensioner etc. Timing belt/water pump kit from continental part number pp329lk2...
  4. Timing belt rear cam off a tooth

    Third Generation MDX (2014-Present)
    I recently posted at thread but I think I may not have posted it in the right place so I apologize for the repeat post. I changed my timing belt and now my rear cam is off about a tooth (see picture). Is this ok? Or do I have to remove the belt and manually turn the cam clockwise to make sure...
  5. 2014 MDX Timing Belt Rear Cam off 1 Tooth

    General Discussions
    I recently replaced my timing belt on my 2014 MDX. Once I pulled the pin on the tensioner, I noticed the rear cam mark off by 1 tooth (counter clockwise). My thoughts are that while installing the belt, the cam skipped a tooth and I did not notice it until after the fact. Should I remove the...