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  1. Maintenance
    Have a 2004 mdx and I noticed my radiator fans aren't engaging. My dash temp guage goes up like normal but stops right below halfway. I've checked the relays, changed coolant sensor, and changed thermostat. Nothing has worked still toos out right below halfway. When the car is running I can...
  2. First Generation MDX (2001-2006)
    In the course of adjusting valve lash AND replacing a worn timing belt, I found this sensor hanging near the radiator. I can't seem to find a home for it. I traced back the wire as far as I could with my hand and it seems to run toward the underside of the radiator along the bottom of the rad...
  3. First Generation MDX (2001-2006)
    Hey all. We recently replaced our radiator on our 2002 touring. Some new tubes and thermostat. Now the temperature gage on dash either doesn’t move or goes about an 8th away from cold. And the heat only works when I’m driving. Any pointers?
  4. First Generation MDX (2001-2006)
    We purchased a seemingly fine 2002 MDX Jan. Of this year. Drove it home at 80mph. For a good 45 min. 188000 mi. Drove like a dream. I drove it a few times after than in a months span, during freezing temps, it overheated during a 20 min. Drive home. Changed sensor, drove for a couple more months...
1-4 of 4 Results