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power steering
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  1. Problems
    I had the o-ring inside the black intake nozzle of the power steering replaced three years ago. Because of the constant noise I had ever since, I first had the alternator replaced and then the power steering pump. That was a year ago and none of the replacements made a difference. When the...
  2. Problems
    How easy should turning my wheel be? At relatively high speeds, the wheel is very easy to turn. At low speeds (making a turn, parking, etc.) the wheel takes some effort to turn. I have to use 2 hands usually. Is this normal? Should I be able to spin the steering with with minimum effort at all...
  3. Problems
    Hey guys, Just purchased a used 2012 Acura MDX with 95k miles. Test drove twice (10-15min each time) and never heard any strange noises. After driving home from from the dealership (1 hour) I noticed a moaning noise. The moan would grow louder when accelerating at 1st as well as when I turned...
1-3 of 3 Results