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oil leak

  1. 2007 base engine smoke

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    Hey all, I’m the new owner of a 2007 MDX with about 156k miles on it. I got it with extensive service records and it seems to be in really fantastic shape overall. Last Friday I took it in for inspection and was told that it had just 2 issues which are both oil leaks. The first leak is the rear...
  2. Figuring out this leak (dye and black light)

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    I’m working on getting the oil consumption test but I have to fix this leak, I changed the vtec solenoid gasket and did my water pump and timing belt. I didn’t notice any leak on the oil pump. There’s this bolt near those 2 Allen bolts on the lower rear right above the drain bolt that seems to...