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  1. Problems
    My recently purchased 2022 MDX A Spec retains its power and the music continues to play through Apple Carplay when I open the door, get out, and close the door. So that means that the seat and steering wheel don’t move upon exit and the doors won’t lock when I walk away from the vehicle as...
  2. Fourth Generation MDX (2022+)
    Does anyone know how to set misc default display settings? For example, I would prefer to view the compass rather than the trip mileage on the dashboard.. I can scroll to view it but when I turn the car off and back on it goes right back to the trip mileage. Similarly, I would prefer to view the...
  3. Fourth Generation MDX (2022+)
    Like others, the car's wireless charging pad isn't working for my iPhone 12 Pro Max - charges for a few seconds then disconnects. Service dept says it is a known issue and that Acura is working on a fix. Also, my Infotainment system stopped coming up on day 3. Just a black screen, though the...
1-3 of 3 Results