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  1. First Generation MDX (2001-2006)
    I have a 2001 Acura MDX that initially does not respond to the gas pedal being depressed at a cold start. Once the engine is warm, it runs with absolutely no problems. Any ideas what might be wrong? My mechanic is at a loss and since it is running well outside of this, they are trying to get me...
  2. Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    Hey folks, hope everyone’s safe. I don't know if the subject has been opened before, I did a few searches but couldn't find any results. I have a 2010 Acura MDX SH-AWD and it's at 161k miles. About a month ago, when the weather started to get cold, a sound began to be heard like a Duck sound at...
  3. Sounds & Noises
    Hey All, I have this chirping noise thats only heard on cold start ups in the winter. I have been going to my Acura dealership for over a year to have this fixed. The timing belt has already been replaced but they refused to change the tensioner, water pump, and idler pulleys unless I pay an...
1-3 of 3 Results