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bose stereo

  1. Replace stock sub or get a box?

    Audio & Electronics
    I bought my 04 MDX Touring with Bose system with a busted front amp. I bypassed the amp and so my speakers work now. Also replaced Head Unit. So I've never listened to this factory system in its full "glory". I know I want a new sub in there, but would it sound better to get a shallow 10"...
  2. 03 Standard Stereo swap with 04 Bose

    First Generation MDX (2001-2006)
    Hi All- I purchased a used trip computer with AC controls and a Bose Stereo as a complete package. I swapped it all out (very easy), but found the stereo has VERY low volume. Sounds like it's a pre-amp input. Question- does anyone know if the wiring is different or if there is a second amp...