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  1. 2014 MDX Non AGM 12v Battery

    Third Generation MDX (2014-Present)
    I am not sure if this topic has been covered bin another post. My 2014 MDX's (FWD Advance w Ent) battery died last Saturday. I purchased the MDX as a CPO in 2015 and have gone through 3 batteries so far all replaced under warranty. However this last one dealer said I was on my own. So I...
  2. New member with a 2014 MDX Tech FWD

    New Members Introduction
    Hello, my name is Don and I've had my MDX since August of 2013. It has about 78,000 miles. It's been a great truck with only a few issues. One, requires a new battery every two years. Two, I put new rotors and brakes on the front because of a pulsation and clunking noise when backing up. I lubed...
  3. Radio works but clock won't set, no other inputs work

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    Hi all, My 2008 MDX's battery died. When I replaced it and entered the codes to navi and radio it all came back on. However, my cd/radio/aux doesn't move off of radio. that works fine, tuning, presets, etc. (it even remembered the presets from before the batt died). But when I press the XM...
  4. Battery replacement size for 2015 A/E

    Third Generation MDX (2014-Present)
    2015 MDX A/E wouldn’t start (it did the slow crank start once prior) today so I had to get a battery from the auto parts store. Told them make and model of vehicle and they gave me an Autocraft Platinum H6 AGM battery. I haven’t tried putting it in yet but I was looking it up online and some...
  5. Battery Bay

    Battery Bay

    Nice dirty battery bay.