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  1. First Generation MDX (2001-2006)
    2004 MDX Touring model. Had a mobile mechanic do what I thought would be a fairly low-end job, replacing power steering pump/reservoir/tubing. Steering's great, no leaks now, but...Didn't notice until after he was gone that the steering wheel is no longer close to straight when the wheels are...
  2. Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    I have a question about a service report from the dealership. They reported the following: Both Front sway bar links 1.6 Front Rotors - Warped 2.1 Alignment 1.6 The vehicle has 160k miles. This MDX runs very nice, shifts smooth, and don't notice any issues. I have put maybe 200 miles on the...
1-2 of 2 Results