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  1. Fourth Generation MDX (2022+)
    I paid to have the key fob remote start added to my 2022 MDX and whenever it is raining the new fobs won’t unlock the car. It requires me to use the actual key and then tells me that the remote isn’t detected before I have to re-pair it. Has anyone else had this problem? The fobs that came with...
  2. Fourth Generation MDX (2022+)
    Hello everyone! My first post, I’ve been a lurker for years and want to thank everyone for their expertise and advice. I finally decided to make a post because I’ve had some serious concerning issues with my vehicle and wanted to make sure others were aware of potential issues on their own...
  3. Fourth Generation MDX (2022+)
    Hello fellow MDXers, I have had my 2022 MDX A-Spec for almost a year now, and up til now I have not had any major issues with CarPlay and my iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, the last few days whenever I’m connected to my vehicle’s CarPlay (whether wired or wireless), both Google Maps and Apple Maps...
  4. Fourth Generation MDX (2022+)
    I currently have a 2022 MDX ASPEC and I know for some other brands you are able to retrofit original parts to the car. I wanted to know if it was possible to retrofit the surround/360 cameras from the Advanced package into my current vehicle?
1-4 of 4 Results