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  1. Remote start and heated seats.

    Third Generation MDX (2014-Present)
    Hello, Question for 2015 MDX tech. Whenever I remote start my car I notice that my steering wheel is warm but seats are never heated, Is this has something to do with outside temperature? It's not cold right now but just wondering if remote start does comes with facility of heated seat...
  2. Transmission absurdity

    Third Generation MDX (2014-Present)
    My 2015 mdx tech has done 100k kms (62k miles). I got the car early this year. Vehicle runs a drives well but just today, It send shivers down my spine when it started jerking for no reason. It doesn't took me long to realize that its the transmission, I checked mid and started changing gears...
  3. 3rd Gen 2015 Acura MDX Touchscreen Replacement Options

    Third Generation MDX (2014-Present)
    Hey all, new here. I need some advice from the crowd. We have a 2015 with a broken touchscreen (lower) on our non-Tech 2015 MDX. Dealership option is $2k for OEM replacement. I've occasionally seen a few used units on Ebay for about $350/ea but nothing lately. Are there reasonable aftermarket...
  4. Battery replacement size for 2015 A/E

    Third Generation MDX (2014-Present)
    2015 MDX A/E wouldn’t start (it did the slow crank start once prior) today so I had to get a battery from the auto parts store. Told them make and model of vehicle and they gave me an Autocraft Platinum H6 AGM battery. I haven’t tried putting it in yet but I was looking it up online and some...