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  1. Oil consumption letter from Acura..

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    Back in 2015 i took my 2010 mdx into the dealers because the engine was eating oil and there were scratching noises from the engine bay. When we got to the dealer they told us we needed new engine pieces costing us near 7k for total fixes(includes other small things). When they were telling us...
  2. 2010 mdx engine "destroyed?"

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    sadly there is nothing left for us to do... fixing with a brand new block will cost $6300 and even just putting back the pieces will cost $2500... we are really out of options at this point... we also cant just give the car back because we are financing the car. if there is any other option that...
  3. 2010 mdx engine "destroyed?"

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    thanks once again for all your replies, we only use super or super+ in our car. were planning to go back to acura tomorrow and see what our options are. And when an acura dealer sells us a used vehicle dont they do a multi-point checkup? and if they do, then shouldnt they have also checked the...
  4. 2010 mdx engine "destroyed?"

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    thanks for all your replies. the car is still at the acura service center because we cant pay for the new block and there arent any other options. to answer your questions, 1. yes the low has been going down often, they did fix the leak but even after that the oil was burning. 2.yes, the...
  5. Intermittent Grinding Noise (2009 MDX)

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    ive had some problems with my 2010 mdx. After i drive then turn off my engine and start it up after maybe 10-20mins, i get like a scratching sound from around the area where my transmission would be. then after driving about 1/2 - 1 mile, the sound goes away
  6. 2010 mdx engine "destroyed?"

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    i bought an mdx about an year ago at 63k miles. i put on about 30k on the car since then. ive owned a 03 mdx before this one and I've never had a big problem with it but, the new mdx seems to have way too many problems. the first problem was that the engine was burning extreme amounts of oil...
  7. 2010 mdx owner

    New Members Introduction
    hello nice to meet everyone on the site. hope i can help anyway i can and also receive answers to some of the questions i have as well. Unfortunately my mdx seems to have a lot of problems so i hope you all can help me out. thanks
1-7 of 7 Results