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  1. My 4th MDX

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    2002 MDX, 2004 MDX - got it primarily because of VSA and more horsepower 2004 MDX replacement - first one turned out to have a "lemonish" problem with quality 2011 now
  2. advice on purchase

    Dollars & Sense
    Almost bought XC90. Did not like the navigation screen popping up from the dash at a weird angle; acceleration was poor (240 HP); there was this shaking / vibration at idle; the front passenger legroom was really small; third row was supper tiny in space. Finally, XC90 is (over)due to a major...
  3. My 4th MDX

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    Thanks everybody! Tolson, here is the story. The last MDX we bought new in 2004. Since then we had 2 kids (now 1 and 3), have a dog and lots of guests from all over the world demanding to see the wine country, Santa Cruz, HWY 1, etc. ;) So, we absolutely needed a 3-rd raw seat. We test...
  4. My 4th MDX

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    Thanks! ;) I added the chrome (plastic ;)) roof rails as an accessory
  5. My 4th MDX

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    Yes, and forgot the best part. $44,500 + TTL
  6. My 4th MDX

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    FOlks, it's official. Just got a 2011 MDX with Tech and Entertainment. So far, so good! My 4th MDX!
  7. 300,000 miles and counting

    First Generation MDX (2001-2006)
  8. 2009 Pilot, Production Models

    General Discussions
    It looks to me like 3/4 Nissan Pathfinder (not a compliment) and 1/4 mini Chevy SUV. Doesn't look appealing to me. It is hard to judge over the pictures though - I will hold off till I see this one in person.
  9. Rough Ride on 2004 MDX

    General Discussions
    Hey there! We have 2004 MDX as well and the ride is great! We bought this one brand new and now it has 43K miles. My first suggestion would be to inspect tires and perhaps change them - that should make the world of difference. If you have a Touring version, then you have most likely...
  10. Anyone going to get the Moto Q Global from AT&T?

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    Just got Q9h from AT&T. I had a Treo 750 and Cingular 8525 before. This one is by far the best device. The design is great, it looks better and it hasn't crashed yet! I picked a program called Facade from Handmark to customize the home screen and a couple of color themes for free to MS...
  11. Portable GPS vs. X's

    General Discussions
    I also have Garmin NUVI 360 and it is comparable to X NAVI.
  12. Is MDX reliable?

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    Is it reliable? The left rear wheel keeps flying off while driving on a freeway, and the other day the steering wheel came off while driving. Yeah, and this is the sixth engine I have changed in 3 years. Other than that it is not bad! Just kidding! This is the third MDX we have. Had no...
  13. what are you eating right now?

    Wine & Cooking
    At this very moment - really salty Armenian string cheese with butter in a wheat roll (lavash) with a cup of coffee! :)
  14. IBM T30 or T40 ??

    Computers & High Tech
    I say T40 as well. I had T30, T32, T40, T41, T42p and now T60p. T40 probably was one of the best ones.
  15. i finally made a tire choice

    General Discussions
    It does!!! In 2001 I learned the huge difference between tires in sun and snow. I bought a brand new Mitsu Montero Ltd with Yokohama Geolandar tires in Atlanta, where I used to live. Handled well in the rain, worse when offroading. I had a trip coming up to my 2 cousins in Montreal, so I...
  16. So who's got the oldest MDX on this board. . .

    General Discussions
    Maybe not usual, but very smart IMHO! That is the way to do it. Get the car you really like (love) and drive it as much as you can!
  17. Canadians Pay Too Much !!

    Dollars & Sense
    It looks like the exchange rate today is 1.069. It is amazing - I have two cousins in Montreal and they always complain about paying much more for cars. I am not even talking about 15% tax there. :) With all this in mind, if I was living in Canada, I would seriously consider buying a car in...
  18. i finally made a tire choice

    General Discussions
    Some of the Goodyear dealers offer buy 3 tires and get 4-th one free. For example, in MA I use a chain called Sullivan Tire. They have that deal. I am pretty sure some chains in NJ would have that too. I also usually get the Road Hazard deal, where they replace or fix the tire if needed and...
  19. goodyear fortera tripletread

    General Discussions
    Congrats! Welcome to Trippletread family! :)
  20. Gps

    General Discussions
    I have Garmin Nuvi 360 in my Montero and my wife has a built in NAVI in her 04 MDX. Prior, I had TomTom. I think Nuvi is absolutely the best choice. I live in MA - about 20 min from Boston and I am very happy with the reception and POIs. TomTom was less accurate and had less POIs. Many...
1-20 of 413 Results