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  1. Questions about transmission fluid replacement

    OK, got to measure the new switches quicker than I expected. 3rd gear switch (spec = 33 psi) ON = ~37 psi, then switches back off at ~23-25 psi. 4th gear switch(spec = 27 psi) ON = ~30 psi, then switches back off at ~20 psi. We just used the regulator knob on a small air compressor to raise and...
  2. Questions about transmission fluid replacement

    Super. Went to the Honda dealer today, and one of the friendlier guys was there. Ordered a power steering hose I may or may not need, both pressure switches, washers, and an ATF drain plug washer. The switches I got were P/N 28600-P7W-003, which got "upgraded" to 28600-RKE-004 for #16 on the...
  3. Questions about transmission fluid replacement

    Thanks Emmet. I'll certainly read through those links. Sometimes "an hour in the 'library' can save you a month under the hood". Can you describe what you mean by "didn't hold up well"? Was the fluid darkly colored, the viscosity of the fluid noticeably diminished, the presence of metal dust...
  4. Questions about transmission fluid replacement

    I have a used '02 MDX of unknown maintenance history, and would like to make sure the transmission doesn't die on me. I've read the thoughtful and well-written: TransCooler I brought up some concerns to one of the parts department employees at the local Honda dealership, and he gave me the...
  5. Minimizing Engine Wear

    Oilchange, I have a question directly related to both your post and the link referenced therein. Please refer to the new thread I'm posting. Thanks
  6. Screw-in wheel studs?

    Wheel and Tire Tech
    We did at the start, then completely removed it. When I discussed this with the parts department at the Honda dealer, the mechanic said the only concern might be non-uniform distribution of the clamping load which might allow movement of the stud in the hole and consequent rounding out of the...
  7. Screw-in wheel studs?

    Wheel and Tire Tech
    I'm not going to debate that point, though it would be interesting to see data on stud sales and replacement. Hope your luck keeps up. Right, well, any time a tire is taken off and put back on, there's the torque required to remove the lug nut, which for several reasons is greater than the 80...
  8. Screw-in wheel studs?

    Wheel and Tire Tech
    Thanks Tex - I was stuck in a tire shop, and they tried the grinding trick and it really didn't seem like the Dorman studs were going to go in with any amount of hammering. So we went the long yucky route and put in a new wheel bearing while it was apart, and 4 new studs (that's all I had on...
  9. Local shops

    New England
    AutoFair Honda parts department on Keller Drive has been very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, and has given me great prices compared to what I've seen online, calling around, or in Advance, Autozone, etc. Sullivan Tire on South Willow just did a LOT of work to replace tires, studs, and...
  10. 2002 Acura MDX

    New Members Introduction
    Could be, there are a lot of aftermarket things on the car. No idea where the current tires came from - maybe the dealer. Kinda curious why only one of the tires was worn - is it related to the differential fluid being degraded? I need to look up what the drive wheel on the '02 is. Got the...
  11. Minimizing Engine Wear

    I'm rather curious about a lot of the fluids in general. I recall seeing a commercial - maybe it was for Castrol Syntech - where some guy opens the drain plug and lets all of the oil out of the engine, and it keeps running... Clearly, the petrochemical industry has developed myriad compounds...
  12. Power Steering High Pressure Feed Line Replacement (2004 MDX)

    Probably not that bad When I got my '02 MDX, it had NO PS fluid, and I _just_ replaced the low side line where the leak was. (like 20 minutes ago) I think as long as the PS pump belt gets removed, all will be well. Stopper or clamp off the lines, or plug the holes, and the rack should be...
  13. Screw-in wheel studs?

    Wheel and Tire Tech
    What's poorly engineered about the wheel hub is that you you can't replace a wheel stud because the knuckle is in the way. You have to pay a lot of money to a professional shop to remove the hub and reinstall it, which disturbs the wheel bearing, just in order to replace a $2 stud - something...
  14. Screw-in wheel studs?

    Wheel and Tire Tech
    I just had to deal with replacing wheel studs on my '02 MDX, and was wondering if there wasn't an easier, better way. I discovered that some hubs have screw-in studs...
  15. 2002 Acura MDX

    New Members Introduction
    Yeah, it definitely has that look. It's been amazing to notice just how many other yellow vehicles there are around here since I got it. The engine bay is the standard black - though something lighter might help diffuse some light around the bay when working on it... So, the latest odyssey...
  16. 2002 Acura MDX

    New Members Introduction
    Thanks phins2rt, The local Honda dealer has been excellent with their customer service as well as their prices. Got some small parts and a new piece of tubing for the power steering today. Also got a spare key for $30. Attached are pics - one of the door frame to show the color designation.
  17. 2002 Acura MDX

    New Members Introduction
    Just bought a used MDX with about 150k on it about a month ago and looking to make sure it's in good condition and stays that way. It's bright yellow - I've had many comments on the color [B-92P-4] Looks like it was owned by someone who took decent care of it - there are some dents and cracks...
1-17 of 17 Results