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  1. What's New on an '08?

    General Discussions
    i searched Thank you for the insight. I did several searches on this site and was surprised that I didn't find anything that compared the two. So they fixed what should have been done in the first place with the auto dimming mirror. . . but that's it other than a minior color change?
  2. What's New on an '08?

    General Discussions
    Did anything change on the '08 vs. the '07? I'm looking at buying for long term ownership, so 'depreciation' doesn't matter to me. And, with lower purchase price, the '07 is attractive unless there are improvements. What justifies the higher price on the '08?
  3. considering an 2002 mdx. Need pointers on what to look for

    General Discussions
    Don't do it 2002 fixed some of the issues with the 2001, like dripping side mirrors and road noise with thicker glass. However, the transmission didn't get fixed until 2003 or beyond. My 02 tranny went out at 58000 miles. Dealer fixed it for free even though warranty had expired. My...
  4. 91 Octane

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    Dealer Recommended Regular Unleaded After experiencing "stutter" on my 02 MDX after around 50k miles, the dealer spent several hours cleaning the EGR valve with pipe cleaners. They said the detergents that typically come in premium unleaded leave a residue, which clogged the valves. And...
  5. Vibration on gas pedal around 1200-1400 rpm

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    Sounds like one of the problems the previous MDX's had. My 02 did it and it got worse as the car got older. At 45,000 miles, the mechanic had to completely disassemble the EGR valve and clean it out with pipe cleaners. Some of the older MDX's transmission problems were tell-told by a...
  6. How do you like the 2007 styling compared to the previous ?

    Overall, an improvement The interior design is a major improvement, although materials still look a bit on the cheap side. The back end looks sportier and a bit more luxurious. Side view; neither better or worse. The first thing I would want to do with and '07 is get rid of the grill...
  7. 2003 Transmission Problem

    Transmission Problems
    Re: Transmission failed I was told, when the replaced my 02 Tranny, that it is a new transmission - not rebuilt. From what I understand, they can't rebuild them.
  8. FSBO: 02 MDX w/ 63K miles

    My family has grown to 5, so the minivan had to enter our lives. We LOVE our MDX, but the convenience factor of the van won us over. The '07 Odyssey is sitting in our driveway. So, my much loved MDX is for sale. 2002 MDX - 62,500 miles - Original owner, non smoker, no pets - Optional moonroof...
  9. 2003 Transmission Problem

    Transmission Problems
    New Tranny for Free I posted an intro to this problem somewhere, but couldn't find it... I have an 02 MDX, purchased in Nov 2001, now with 62K miles. We decided to sell it before I had problems and wouldn't you know, transmission started slipping before we could sell it. At first, dealer...
  10. Transmission Problem Poll

    Transmission Problems
    EGR A low RPM shudder is common to the MDX, caused by a clogging EGR valve. Mine was thoroughly hand cleaned at 45K because of it. After, problem was 95% gone.
  11. Now it's MY turn - 2002 MDX 56.5k miles

    Transmission Problems
    Going to take a shot I'm going to go talk with the dealer, and pay their $75 diagnosis fee. What's the drivetrain warranty? Many cars offer an extension beyond the std. bumper to bumper. We drive it 200 miles yesterday without incident. Since it is just a sporatic problem, odds are the...
  12. Now it's MY turn - 2002 MDX 56.5k miles

    Transmission Problems
    Me too at 62 My wife's MDX tranny was slipping yesterday going up a hill in the neighborhood. I stopped, put it park for 10 seconds, then continued on. I'm very concerned. A transmission should last over 100k easy and I don't expect my dealer to be helpful. Even though I had all the service...
  13. Thinking of buying MDX

    General Discussions
    Like my X a lot. If I didn't want the 3rd row, I'd go with the new Lexus RX330. Pilot's a good choice too. No comparison to Envoy POC. MDX is twice the car.
  14. Is premium gas a must?

    Fuel, Octane, Mileage, Etc.
    EGR But what about the EGR valve contamination? My experience is same mileage - and if it saves me having to pay $150 to clean the EGR valve, it's a no-brainer.
  15. Acura MDX EGR Warranty extension....this just in

    Regular Unleaded Also, dealer said I should use regular unleaded, not premium. Premium supposedly leaves residue due to detergents etc in the fuel. I filled up with regular, and haven't noticed a difference yet. In fact, my first 12 miles (mostly highway) after filling up gave me 27 mpg...
  16. High Mileage 2001 MDX

    General Discussions
    High Miles A friend bought an 01 X from his boss; with 138,000 miles. It was used as a territory sales manager vehicle; lots of highway miles. I rode in it and it seemed perfectly tight. My dealer gave me a loaner 01 MDX with 85,000 miles and it drove fine, although something about it seemed...
  17. Anyone have experience with this product ?

    General Discussions
    I have lots of experience with wine, but I'm not sure about the safety benefits!!!???!?!?!??:p
  18. day time running lights

    Audio & Electronics
    I hate daytime running lights.
  19. Acura Service a Ripoff!?

    General Discussions
    BTW BTW - I priced out only the necessary service items for the 30K service & installed the air filter myself (they said it would take the better part of an hour for them to do it, but I did it in 5). Total cost, around $225:cool:
1-20 of 254 Results