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  1. Scratch & Dent Sale Time!

    I would like the meter trim kit. Where can I get more of the 2-sided tape for installation?
  2. 2007 Acura MDX Photos

    General Discussions
    Personally I like the looks of the 2007 model....I will definitely go MDX again in a few years!!
  3. Are there any Pitfalls to installing the Version 4.31 navi update?

    General Discussions
    Installed the Nav DVD last night with absolutely ZERO problems...The roads near my house which were somewhat screwy on the old one are precise now....I could kick myself for waiting so long to install the thing...doh
  4. Looking for a new MDX? Tim's got the Deal$

    Dollars & Sense
    VERY tempting...Just for the wings alone!!!:cool:
  5. Are there any Pitfalls to installing the Version 4.31 navi update?

    General Discussions
    I ordered a Version 4.31 Navi Update disk for my '05 MDX WAY back when it became available and still have not installed it yet. I'm going to get off my lazy butt and do it in the next couple of days. I know initially there were problems with a black background etc...Were these problems...
  6. Anybody get a hold of Tim (Hondacuraworld)

    General Discussions
    Tim has always, always, always been very responsive and honest in every transaction I have ever had with him..Give him a chance to make this right.
  7. Has anybody NOT had problems with MDX Transmissions?

    General Discussions
    My 2002 Touring Model MDX that I sold before buying my 2005 had over 80,000 miles on it and I never once had an issue with the transmission. Obviously I had the service bulletin taken care of that came out but there was no problem and it drove flawlessly before and after the service.
  8. Homelink signal getting weaker?

    Mine has worked great from the day I programmed it...I would take the advice another poster had and just re-do the programming......
  9. XM 1 year $60 renewal

    Dollars & Sense
    Several days past the 90 day period and XM is still working perfectly...Amazing stuff
  10. XM 1 year $60 renewal

    Dollars & Sense
    I have a real My 3-month trial period should be up tomorrow (Dec. 3rd) but it seems that the dealer never set the XM on my MDX to expire etc..and never did what they needed to do so my XM Radio "ID" would show up..The person I talked to at XM last night told me that the XM Radio...
  11. Looks like we have a drink named after our beloved MDX

    General Off Topic
    Mountain Dew MDX So anyone tried this new Dew?? I took a double take when I saw it in the store this morning...
  12. Chrome side steps ??

    I have to agree..its a pretty easy installation..
  13. '05/'06 MDXs: Version 4.31 navi update discs are available and shipping!

    General Discussions
    I received my NAV update DVD last week but have been holding off installing it due to what I have read here... Is this an isolated incident of 1 person? Has anyone else installed it with no apparent problems?
  14. Side step installation help please

    Well what I did was take a pair of needle nosed pliers to push the center of the black grommets up and then they just fell right into my hands....It works great
  15. Hondacuraworld celebrates 5 years

    Congrats Tim!!! I know I have gotten great service on my orders from Tim and wouldnt buy them anywhere else.. Keep up the great work!!!
  16. Who should be the AL MVP

    Sports & Outdoor Adventure
    They are both great players and its very close but I voted for Ortiz considering how many times he has come through in the absolute "clutch" for the Red Sox all season...
  17. 05 Touring Wheels for sale w/3100 miles

    I've spoken for 1 of them for $250..I will be in the Bay Area for pickup the week of Oct. 22 thru Oct. 29th if that works for you...PM me please..
  18. Where to buy USA gas

    General Discussions
    Not true at all....
  19. Change to Sirius

    Audio & Electronics
    Has anyone been able to install Sirius but also keep XM active as well...I want Sirius for the better music choices and the NFL but my wife likes XM... Is this possible without it being an ugly installation???
  20. End of Year Discounts

    Dollars & Sense
    The current $1500 Manufacturer to Dealer incentive is set to expire Oct. 3rd...
1-20 of 63 Results