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  1. 15K service $209 vs $89

    Try Hoehn Acura - $136.00 Just returned from visiting my sister's family in Northern San Diego county. Had to have the "x" serviced at just under 15K miles while there and glad I did. Hoehn Acura was the closest. They are located in Carlsbad along auto row. I called and got an oppointment...
  2. Lexus Navi

    General Discussions
    Can anyone help me out with the location of the Navi DVD player on the 2003 Lexus GS 300? I have a friend who has this car and he claims the salesman told him they change out a "chip" when they update the Nav database and not a DVD. I tried to show him this was rubbish, but could not find the...

    Group Discounts: Ideas & Suggestions
    I've had the SuperLamb vests for about a year and they have worked out just great. I highly recommend. I also got the charcoal color for my ebony seats. Looks very nice.
  4. Nav DVD update Message from ACURA

    General Discussions
    Just received this email from ACURA Customer Service. The April update seems to have been a mirage. Thank you for contacting Acura regarding the Navigation System's DVD upgrade for your 2002 Acura MDX. Each fall, a Navigation System DVD update disk is available for purchase. This disk...
  5. What's the Dumbest Thing You've Ever Done with Your MDX?

    General Discussions
    Very stupid After a trip to the supermarket, parked the "x" in the garage and opened the tailgate to take out the groceries. During the last trip from the garage to the kitchen, I got a phone call that distracted me for about 10 minutes. I now realize that I have another errand to run, so I...
  6. Nose Mask?

    General Discussions
    Casique I use the bottom portion of the nose mask just as you describe. I have a deflector on the hood and use the lower half of the nose mask when I take trips. Works great and no rock nicks yet after 9 months.
  7. Sheepskins anew

    microman I've got Superlamb seat covers on my X. Actually, they are the vests that don't cover the side airbags. I liked the loolks of the vests as opposed to the full seat covers with the side slits. I've got an ebony interior and went with the medium gray covers. They look very classy to...
  8. Poron Car Reversing Aid

    wmquan I got a $50.00 discount from list when I called to order and mentioned this forum. I'm not sure they are still doing this, but it is worth a try. I got the number from their website. I also agree, the voice system is the easiest to install and works great. Just get the sensors...
  9. Open Door Indicator

    General Discussions
    I am looking for an afternarket product that performs the same function as the driver's side door beeper when the key is in the ignition except for all doors and particularly the tailgate. I have driven off several times with the tailgate partially open and next noticed the little door light...
  10. Poron Car Reversing Aid

    edepa I installed the Poron reversing aid several months ago and love it. The connection to the trailer connector is the cleanest. It does have a backup light in the harness and it is green and black. I am looking at the wiring diagram in the service manual and not giving you this from...
  11. looking for wood accents

    Couldn't agree more... The meter trim is a natural. Should have been there is the first place. I also thought the vent trim would be a nice addition, but didn't want to buy all the other pieces just to get them.
  12. CLEAR FormFit deflectors?

    I have the Formfit deflector on my Silver "X" and it looks great with the contrast. It also matches the smokey windows. I seriously doubt a clear version would look very good especially if you can see the black clips. I would not buy one given a choice between that and the one I have.
  13. Low and slow; the fine art of BBQ

    Wine & Cooking
    msu79gt82 Yeah, I am. I have a smoker with a side fire box that holds two 12 lb briskets and two slabs of ribs along with a chicken or two. It is great fun and very, very good eating for several weeks in fact. A lot of smokers in the neighborhood and a great deal of expertise to call on when...
  14. Rear View Camera Question ...?

    General Discussions
    mdxxxx I just happen to find these two items on the web, but not together as a unit. The LCD mirrow was priced at $385 (I think) and the camera was $145. I think the camera is the same as MDXtrous has installed. It appears that Avelectronic put these two items together to make a nice system...
  15. Rear View Camera Question ...?

    General Discussions
    mdxxxx I did a search on Avelectronic and Av Electronic and didn't get a hit on any rear view camera systems. Where did you find it? I also searched on "rear view camera" and "back up camera" and still nothing with the above features. Sounds like an excellent system. Thanks
  16. Navigation Question

    General Discussions
    Just returned from my first long road trip with the "X". Just over 3600 miles were added during the trip to So. California. The vehicle performed flawlessly and was a real pleasure to drive, even across the Southwestern deserts in New Mexico, Arizona and California. The Navigation system was...
  17. How do you see behind the MDX while backing up?

    I'm with frostyra That's why I bought the Poron reversing aid. With it and the tilting rearveiw mirrow and my other mirrows, I should have some warning before I hit anything. The Poron is not perfect, but it works pretty well and has saved me from more than one bump in the rear. Without the...
  18. WeatherTech Weatherflectors

    No, sadly Tim does not stock this item. Otherwise, I would have ordered from him. I ordered my WeatherFlectors from . They are $79.95 plus shipping for both all four windows. Took 3 days to deliver them to Texas.
  19. My installation is done

    MDXLNT Thanks, I saw your pictures before and could relate very well. I have the four clips attached to the reflector as is shown in the pictures. Now, is there 3M anti-abrasion tape that goes between the hood paint and the part of the clip that fits over the edge of the hood? If so, I...
  20. WeatherTech Weatherflectors

    Just installed a set (all windows) of Weathertech WeatherFlectors and they look great. They are very subtle, both in size and tint color. The tint is lighter than the FormFit deflector which makes it less noticeable. What I like best is they will allow me to open the windows for air...
1-20 of 118 Results