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  1. Argh!! Someone just keyed up my 1 MO MDX!

    General Discussions
    Man, that sucks. Sorry to hear it. While it won't help you, it might make the rest of us feel better if you could post a pic of the midget on his bike! (and park your MDX somewhere else this halloween with those freaks running around) Good luck getting it fixed.
  2. Buy A Car Or Buy A House

    General Discussions
    You make a fine, fine point here. I assume you're talking about the leverage inherit in the corporate capital structure, which varies greatly. By this logic, aren't all investments, including corporate, municipal and government bonds leveraged, in that each issueing entity carries debt on the...
  3. Buy A Car Or Buy A House

    General Discussions
    Now that hurts. While I spend most of my time in alternative investment (hedge funds and private equity), when asked by friends and family what to do about long only stocks, I didn't think the fundamentals were that good (still don't), but always say it's too hard to call the market bottom, so...
  4. Buy A Car Or Buy A House

    General Discussions
    There are many ways to skin this cat, and I would not say that what you propose is incorrect. However, I would not be comfortable presenting a comparison of a levered asset (real estate in your example) to an unlevered asset (stocks). The logic here is that I have the option to lever my stocks...
  5. Buy A Car Or Buy A House

    General Discussions
    For someone you doesn't get mad or take themselves too seriously, that was certainly an aggressive post! I’ll assume what you really meant to say was “Alvin – you take yourself too seriously and have an inflated…” With regard to your statement about leverage, yes, I have really thought this...
  6. Buy A Car Or Buy A House

    General Discussions
    Maik and mdxxxx - I guess the "so what" is this, when you train at the graduate level, specifically in investment finance (not human resourses, acccounting) and then pracitice your entire career in the analysis of investments you have a more experienced perspective on investment issues. Just...
  7. Buy A Car Or Buy A House

    General Discussions
    Holy Crackpots, Batman! I haven't made anybody mad all day, so I might as well wade in. I'll qualify my comment with my background, I'm Director of Investment Research for a $12 billion consultant, I am responsible for managing $750 million in alternative investments, and have an MBA in...
  8. problem with trip range computer

    I currently have the exact same problem with my 2002 touring w/o navi. Told the dealer during my last service and the tech apparently said to the manager that the float in the tank sometimes gets stuck. I told them I would live with that lame excuse until my next service, when they could fix it.
  9. The Family Dog

    General Discussions
    When my 100 lbs beaucreon rides in the back on the cargo tray, it slips a bit towards the hatch so that each time he unloads, I have to reposition the tray to get the hatch to close. I tried some velcro patches, but they don't seem to keep in in place. Anyone have the same problem or a solution?
  10. Show Us Your Pet

    Obie: My Beauceron (100 lbs french herding dog)
  11. Have you check your 401k lately?

    General Off Topic
    Bad idea. Classic sell low/ buy high behavior. There's an interesting stat that goes something like, if you are out of the market for the 10 biggest up days, you will miss 90% of the return that year. You think you can pick the right 10? The important thing is to come up with an asset...
  12. Has anyone tried THESE speakers?

    Audio & Electronics
    I can't say, because the rain guard wouldn't let me get the speaker flush in the hole, even after I cut the back out. I didn't want to cut the rain guard all the way out because so many of us have had water on the window (in the door?) after a rain or wash. I got rid of the Soundstreams, so...
  13. Has anyone tried THESE speakers?

    Audio & Electronics
    I still say the soundstreams won't fit in the front without cutting the rain guard all the way out. I cut the back of it out of the guard, and they still wouldn't fit. It seemed like I would have to cut the guard all the way out, where it meets the door panel. I wasn't up for doing much...
  14. Is the separation net the only option for dogs in back?

    I guess I'm probably getting into the "belaboring the point" zone, but "calm" has nothing to do with it - "trained" is the word. My dog, a 100 lbs beauceron is a working/herding breed, they don't come with much more energy. If I want him to lay on the ground while "energic" dogs run around...
  15. Is the separation net the only option for dogs in back?

    Thanks, Maik, you're the only one to make the point. It's the answer to almost all "dog problems" and I've wanted to say it myself but thought it would offend (you didn't). I have a 100lbs beauceron - no net, no bars, no leash. I can walk him through a cat and squirrel convention off leash...
  16. Sylvania SilverStars Installed!

    I'm also still good at 4.5 months. That's a good tip about keeping a spare OEM. If mine burn out short of a year, I'll look into getting them replaced
  17. Sylvania SilverStars Installed!

    Re: 3-month lifespan?? Worm and I were about the first two on the site to install them and mine are still going. I'm surprised to hear Sylvania only expects them to last a year. The crappy yellow bulbs seem to last for years.
  18. My speaker upgrade

    Audio & Electronics
    Re: Re: Re: Re: Ready to upgrade speakers... TheyCallMeBruce, They may call you bruce, but I call you a space cadet. I posted the information that the Soundstreams didn't fit in an old thread that you started: I guess it was a...
  19. My speaker upgrade

    Audio & Electronics
    Re: Soundstreams I looked extensively for other 2 ohm and only found one other brand (can't remember the name right now) which were expensive and only came as a component, not a coaxial. I ended you replacing with 4 ohm Image dynamics, which are not a great fit, but sound good. Good luck.
  20. My speaker upgrade

    Audio & Electronics
    Re: Re: Ready to upgrade speakers... Soundstreams don't fit, I tried.
1-20 of 49 Results