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  1. FullSizeSpare options for '04 (w/TPMS)

    General Discussions
    I was looking at the '04 in the showroom. It looks like there is some sort of guard on the back bumper. Will my FSS be able to transfer (from an 01)? Will it fit? Someone said that they bought some sort of cover. What for? Sorry for my ignorance.
  2. MDX up north

    Brave......Brave Guy!! Ghost, You are a brave, brave guy for drilling into your baby. I wouldn't be so brave......I had the dealer install mine.
  3. Car Vibrations

    General Discussions
    I think he meant that he doesn't feel the vibrations. What do you mean when you ask if the A/C can be heard when it engages? Is it a loud click? Is it a THUD? Is it something else? I know that for this car and every other car I have had, you can hear the A/C engage, but it shouldn't be...
  4. Available MDX's!!!!

    General Discussions
    I like the bible, Too!! I'm a big studier of the bible and I must admit that it did offend me..... But it would also be offensive to gain pleasure in someone else's demise. If Mr. Bruno really is in trouble, it is not good to feel good about it, IMHO. The only thing I have to say to Mr...
  5. Tri-State MDX - ROLL CALL !!!

    Tri-State MDX
    NYC Area Franklin Square, Long Island I am picking up my Deep Mahogany Pearl Base tomorrow from Rallye Acura. I paid MSRP and got the following: Full Size Spare: $389 Moonroof Visor: $169 Rear Splash Guards: $169 Running Boards: $995 Tailgate Deflector: $495 Wheel Locks: $89 Wood Shift...
1-5 of 5 Results