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  1. Driver Seat loose or overtravels during accel and braking

    What's the deal with the Driver seat on '03 MDX's being "loose" or seam to over-travel during acceleration or braking?.. Should I bring the X in to the dealership and have the normal response of "It's a special FEATURE that can't be fixed"???? - Should have gotten' that 4-Runner enstead...:3...
  2. Speaker (sub?) in the back rattles...?

    rattle'n rear sub.. I gots the same problem on my rear sub of the X ('03 MDX). Please let me know if you get if fixed. Thanks,. T. :eek:
  3. Brake Clunk - My experience

    Sounds & Noises
    damn brake clunk bs.. Well, I have the same damn problem on my ride ('03 MDX) at 3k miles. I don't really mind it much but when it first started happening, my wife began to freak out blamed it on me for turning too hard and running over stuff.... after several aruments and spats, I finally...
  4. The Thud TSB

    Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)
    the thud / clank noise I have the same "Clank / Thud" noise from my 2003 MDX. Service guy says the same crap as your's, just the brake pads expansion space or some'n like that.. he said that there's a service bulletin out somewhere on this issue (but not a problem that requires fixing, and...
1-4 of 4 Results