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  1. What car color is most accident prone?

    General Discussions
    The only thing I remember reading somewhere: a red-car is more prone to be rear-ended because its brake-light registers slower to the driver behind them. Red-on-Red effect, I guess.
  2. Acura: Once again going in the wrong direction...

    General Discussions
    I saw some blogs reporting Honda is making a V8 for the next RL ? Edmunds InsideLine:
  3. Diecast model of Acura MDX 2002

    General Discussions
    yes. 1:18. I was totally surprised too. I forgot the store's name, but it was at Metrotown center, Vancouver. The box actually said Honda MDX. It also has the small side-mirror above the left front fender, which seems to be standard for SUVs in Asia.
  4. Hybrid MDX or SUV anytime soon?

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    is there any Diesel-hybrid out there?
  5. MDX Diecast Model Car

    First Generation MDX (2001-2006)
    I've seen a silver or black one at an Ontario Mills (California) store. I forgot the size, but I think it's smaller than 1:18. I've also seen a small silver one, probably 1:43, at Sierra Acura, Alhambra, California.
  6. 3 Greatest Sports Records of our time

    Sports & Outdoor Adventure
    He probably counted them in basketball-term... you know, 2 points for every basket.
  7. Our new MDX never had a chance

    Second Generation MDX (2007-2013)
    is the NAVI salvage-able? Man, I felt sorry for the truck-driver.
  8. So, who got the Iphone. . .

    Computers & High Tech
    A coworker just got one. In the half-an-hour he's setting it up, the screen has pretty much been covered by fingerprint-smudge. The typing looks painful. Reminding me of my old Handspring Treo 270. Other than its thinness and the nice 3.5" screen, I don't see much benefit of the iPhone over...
  9. Wireless Second TV

    General Discussions
    I have used that wireless AV transmitter. It works fine, especially if the cable-box shows what it's doing on the TV screen. The half that is connected to the cable-box needs to be placed such that it can control the cable-box. The problem: mine uses 2.4GHz frequency, so it interferes badly with...
  10. Circuit City

    General Discussions
    :eek: so the bad guys win?? :2: I go to whichever store that has the item that I want (and I have done research on) with the most reasonable price. Sometimes, a bit higher price is OK if it's from Costco :-)
  11. Did you guys see this ?

    General Discussions
    i was going "he's gonna hit the police car!" :2:
  12. Did you guys see this ?

    General Discussions
    the first SUV on the scene? I don't think that's an MDX. The overhang looks too long.
  13. Truly amazing!!

    General Discussions
    20,000 hours is about two years. The video said it took him fifteen years to finish the model. That's about three-four hours a day, so I think he has a day-job :-)
  14. So, what else do you drive? Post PICS!

    Other Automobiles
    2003 Civic Hybrid The HOV-access-sticker saves me 30 minutes each way.
  15. What attracted me to the MDX

    General Discussions
    SullyC5er, when you get your 07 MDX, you can test the awesome SH-AWD on curves. In fact, a comparison with your Corvette on the same curves will be very welcome :1: When I test-drove the 07 MDX, I love the way it handles on those cloverfield freeway ramps.
  16. Trade MDX for an R Class?

    Audio & Electronics
    ah, I see. I should tell my friend who was looking at R-class. I told him it might be based on Pacifica :2:
  17. Trade MDX for an R Class?

    Audio & Electronics
    :D It's from the same company. The size and shape is pretty close too. To me, Pacifica to Rclass is like Pilot to MDX. Rclass is a Mercedez, so it certainly have different engine and much more luxurious. I wish MDX can differentiate that much from Pilot :p
  18. Trade MDX for an R Class?

    Audio & Electronics
    Doesn't R-class resemble Chrysler Pacifica?
  19. Hottest Thong thread

    Re: Re: Not a T&A Site
  20. Question Re: Cargo Tray

    The cargo cover can be put up just behind the 3rd row seat. There is a couple of attachment point there, just like the one behind the 2nd row seat.
1-20 of 133 Results