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  1. Good Stereo Shop in Bay Area

    SF Bay Area
    What about recommendations in the South Bay or South Penninsula (Palo Alto)??
  2. Which dealership do you go to in the Bay Area?

    SF Bay Area
    I have been an Acura of Los Gatos service customer for over 10 years. Great Service !!
  3. Latest TSBs

    Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)
    Rear Wiper TSB?? Worm or anyone, Any news on a TSB for the rear wiper droop? I had the dealer adjust last time in for service (under warranty). Doesn't droop as bad, but still not where it should be. I would like to see if a TSB really exists. Anyone?? Thanks
  4. Good Acura MDX dealer/sales near SF bay area?

    SF Bay Area
    We actually bought at Los Gatos Acura at MSRP with no forced options and we even received a discount on installed options. Of course, this was before they realized they could gouge. My sales guy was great, however, since I used him to buy my TL also. Dale is correct, their Service team is...
  5. Sound Dampening

    General Discussions
    Another option for sound dampening are products from Cascade Audio. Parts Express sells them at[/URL] check them out
  6. Oil Filter

    The MDX oil filter is the same as my 2000 3.2TL. I buy plenty for both. And don't forget the washer.
  7. very poor snow performance

    I would say my experiences have been the reverse. I have taken our MDX to Tahoe the last two winters (2001/2002) and have had no problem in heavy snow, fresh snow, slush, etc. The MDX has handled much better than our previous Explorer. The Explorer had trouble in deep snow where the MDX...
  8. Griot's Garage?

    I also use Griot's Garage products for cleaning, waxing and polishing, cleaning windows, interior cleaning and vinyl and rubber protectanct, etc. A Great line of products as people have menitoned. I also buy my cloths, applicators, etc from them. Their Rubbber cleaner is great on rubber floor...
  9. Requested Pics of GG with OEM Fender Flares

    I'll try to get pictures of mine later this week, but here is a series of good posts by Bilmat a while ago I like the contrast of the OEM Fender Flares with the GG color, but that's my opinion only.
  10. Cargo cover driving me CRAZY!

    Interesting. We have had the cargo cover from day 1 of receiving our MDX and have had no noise issues whatsoever. We have it extended for much of that time (~80%) and no problems. Could be a defective cargo cover where the inner mechanisms or springs are causing some issues. Good Luck! :)
  11. Tim Is The Man

    General Discussions
    Kudos to Tim for all he has done:D
  12. 3.5 RL Oil Filter in the MDX?

    Not only is the 3.5RL oil filter the same, but the 3.2TL oil filter will also fit on the MDX. I believe there was a conscious effort on the part of Honda/Acura to make this the case.
  13. Service suggestions

    SF Bay Area
    Hey Sharky, I take mine to Los Gatos Acura for service. The service guys are excellent. Been going there 10 years with my old Integra, TL and now MDX. They are great, but may be a bit out of your reach. Steven's Creek Acura I have heard were also good. I wasn't impressed with the sales...
  14. Puddle Noise

    General Discussions
    If you have the ACURA side steps and drive through a large enough puddle, water will wash up and hit the side steps causing a 'whoosh' metallic type sound. This was discussed a bit last year. It is normal and is due to the fact that the Acura side steps are hollow. Nothing to worry about:)
  15. Most retarded signature

    General Discussions
    Hey rechbrett1, You think the sigs on this forum are retarded? These are pretty tame compared to the ones on the Acura-TL forum. Now those guys have some interesting sigs (and avatars). Although, as many have said, don't read 'em. I find them worth a look from time-to-time. Enjoy:D
  16. MDX vs 2002 ML320

    I agree with Fireblade. There will never be a end to this comparison. But they are fun to read. I especially though your second second point was right on the money:D
  17. AT&T Cable Modem

    General Off Topic
    I was also transisitoned over to attbi cable service here in the Bay Area. It took about 4 days to get service back up, but has been fairly solid since. There have been a couple times when the system has been down, but only for an hour or so. As Worm states, the speeds have been throttled...
  18. Working 9 -5

    General Off Topic
    I'm in Product Marketing of systems and solutions for using and managing rich media communicaitons over the Internet. Basically video, audio and data collaboration solutions for Fortune-500 companies. My wife is also in Product Marketing for Support Services of a major computer and imaging...
  19. New ride

    Looks Great srichins!! Post more pics when the accessories arrive:cool:
  20. SF Bay folk ever meet?

    SF Bay Area
    January 12th and 19th are no good for me. It is Pinewood Derby time for me and my son for his Cub Scout Troop and these are all day events. What about the 26th?
1-20 of 70 Results