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  1. New Frappr map for MDX owners!

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    Count me in~ ^_^b
  2. Honda designs dog friendly car

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    The news story says no plans for commercial sale :rolleyes:
  3. Club for Sages of Brush Pearl

    The total experience was AWESOME! Haggled the price with Cheryl Sauer at South Coast Acura via e-mail. She was very honest and professional. Didn't put too much, if ANY, pressure on me to buy. Gave me the facts unlike a competitor who shall remain unnamed. She price-matched to all offers I...
  4. Club for Sages of Brush Pearl

    only a 6 miles! NEWNESS!!! :2:
  5. Club for Sages of Brush Pearl

    Seen one, you seen 'em all :p
  6. Club for Sages of Brush Pearl

    Deal done! Picked up the X over the weekend as promised. I won't go into specs other than 2005 SBP Touring w/ NAV, Ebony Interior and Spoiler. The rest is either in my sig or self-explanatory for all you veterans =p ONTO THE PICS!

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    I would tend to agree with ya. I will have a final opinion once I return this weekend, but so far South Coast Acura in Costa Mesa, CA has been great. Seems they fall into the remaining 5% :29:
  8. Interior lights

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    The sylvania site is talked about as being inaccurate and I'm finding contradictions between what members here have used and what sylvania says. I think right now I'll just let this issue go as it seems to be going in circles and find out myself this Saturday which bulbs go where and such and...
  9. Interior lights

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    X___x If I am safe just buying 20 168's and 20 T6's I'll just go that route, LOL! But I think it's important for not only myself, but for future readers of this board to know exactly what goes where and what fits where in what quantities ;)
  10. Interior lights

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    A contradiction there. Is the rear dome a 168 or a T6?
  11. Interior lights

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    Ok, I am slow. T6 = Festoon
  12. Interior lights

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    Thanx all for the replies. I was hesitant to trust the sylvania site as it listed the same bulb for the glove box as it does for the license plate, which are obviously different. I thought the map and domes would be festoon as they are in the Pilot. Still confuzzled :confused: Here is a thread...
  13. Interior lights

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    Thank you for the effort hammermdx, but I have already scoured the forums here and elsewhere. The threads mention them being replaced and often with what brand of bulbs etc, but not in one place am I able to find a concise listing of the bulbs, their size, location or quantity. Knowing this is...
  14. Interior lights

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    I apologize for the repost, but after reviewing posts and criteria in the various forums, I'm inclined to believe I probably should have posted here, if anything for greater exposure. I'm about to pick up my '05 X this weekend and wanting to change all the interior lights to LED. Unfortunately...
  15. Interior lights

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    I'm about to pick up my '05 X this weekend and wanting to change all the interior lights to LED. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find ACCURATE information on the bulbs needed. Conflicting information from other sites and casual mentions were all I've come across. Threads on this site have...