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  1. For Sale: Manik Side Steps - Black

    Well, the wife and mother don't really like the new manik's, so knowing when to choose the battle, these really cool looking side steps are for sale. Make me an offer I can't refuse, and they are yours, plus shipping of course. AND, if you live in the greater S.F. Bay Area, I'll even help...
  2. Ordered Mine from Acura of Concord

    SF Bay Area
    Order Time Got mine in 7 WEEKS, from order to delivery!!:) Ordered Jan 18 2002, took delivery Mar. 7 2002. I moved up on the list because of a cancellation by about 3 weeks. The color was mesa beige, (color choice can make a difference in order time). Concord Acura really does try...
  3. Flares or not?

    Does anyone have pics of a mesa beige with unpainted flares? Thank you!
  4. Hot wiring the 12V accessory recepticle

    Thank you for threading the needle. There appears to be no easy solution, but I'm pretty dangerous with a voltage multitester, so I'll go in search of the holy grail hot circut and report back later.
  5. Hot wiring the 12V accessory recepticle

    Has anyone tried to power their 12V accessory recepticles with "full time" power, instead of the " ignition on " limitation. I would prefer to leave my cell phone "pluged in" and constantly charging. Leaving it pluged in now drains the cell battery. The acura service dept. didn't have an...
  6. Ordered Mine from Acura of Concord

    SF Bay Area
    MSRP and no accessories I moved up on the order list and took delivery of my 188 (tour w/ nav) on Mar. 7. There were no accessories required, and no dealer mark up. The dealer experiece was great. The only "pressure" if you could call it that, was to give the dealership the highest rating...
  7. Ordered Mine from Acura of Concord

    SF Bay Area
    Regarding Concord Acura, I ordered Jan. 16, have a build date of March 5-9, so a delivery should happen by Mar. 23?!?!?:D I ordered a Meisa beige 188 (tour w/ nav) NO accessories were required! But, I have not taken delivery so time will tell. My salesman is Hadi, who is not the brightest...
  8. K&N Performance Filters

    Warning! Rookie Thread Poster! Thank you to all the memers for a great web site:D I have a 2002 Tour/Nav on order, and this website has been super at getting me started in the right direction. Has anyone installed a K&N air filter? I use one on my BMW Z3 and it gives a very...