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  • tehcrna ·
    I started a thread about "doors locking sporadically with key fob inside" and am hoping you can share some of your expertise and advice. Thanks.
    gtbjr ·
    Could you tell me what that whirring sound is on startup? Been to 3 Acura dealers and 2 independent shops in DC area. Nobody can get it to repeat loud enough to know what it is. Any ideas?
    wexy99 ·
    ok... had valves adjusted today... cylinder misfires are gone, p0135 remains as i thought it might, and NOW i have a p0705 transmission code... the 135 is the front oxygen sensor .. just surprised that now a new code for transmission appears....

    any thoughts as to why the transmission would now show up?

    any thoughts on the aftermarket oxygen sensors? the independent service guy who did the valve adj said he would only do the o2 sensor with an acura part.


    wexy99 ·
    Hello SuperTech... wonder if you have any thoughts... 2002 mdx with 162k miles has code P1035 and P0301 - 6 for all six cylinder misfires. Happened 3 - 4 times over the last 3 months but it went away.
    During those same months, I had a small hole in the exhaust pipe before the cat and then got a big separation in the exhaust right after the cat.
    Got exhaust issues fixed and immediately, got cel and vtm-4 lights on every start. cel is immediate, vtm 4 is 3-6 seconds after startup. comes on faster on warm start.
    Changed the plugs with no change and now need help with suggestions. Have not changed the timing belt or valve adjustment
    Any thoughts? Does no consistent issue prior to exhaust fix and constant lights after exhaust fix indicate what the issue may be? Also, for quite some time, the car takes 5 min for warm up from cold start to get idle low.

    thanks in advance.
    krsin97 ·
    Also when slowing down from say 40mph and letting the vehicle coast a little there is a downshift in gears that causes friction when the brakes is applied. Sometimes if you don't time it right the driver seems like he is stepping on the brakes abruptly. Is this normal for the gears don't seem to sync with the slowing speeds and prematurely shift?
    krsin97 ·
    Hi Supertech... quick question, is there any fix for the fuel pump chirping noise on the horizon , or is it something we may just have to live with?
    Rstock08 ·
    SuperTech- I just recently purchased a 2003 mdx. The check engine light came on and when I got the codes read all 6 pistons had misfired. The engine has 143000miles on it. Still runs very smooth, in idle its a little shaky, and acceleration is still good. The mechanic I took it to told me the valves needed to be readjusted and cost me about $500. Do you think I should go along with getting the valves done or should I try a much cheaper fix first? Like the fuel injector cleaner and drive 25miles method?

    please let me know asap and thank you for your time
    bcollart ·
    Hi Supertech, My wife's 2002 MDX has a completely dead Climate Control System (we do not have the NAV feature). I was hoping you could shed some light on how we could resolve this issue. Last year I replaced the thermal resistor?/fuse for the rear blower which was a great/easy fix. -Thanks!
    smittyfied ·

    You seem to be the most knowledgeable guy on this forum. I recently purchased an 04 MDX and the brake pedal feels soft to me but am unsure if this is something that is characteristic of these vehicles or if I purchased someone else's problem. It stops slower than I think it should and whether I'm rolling at 10 mph or cruising at 50 mph, when I "slam on the brakes" it doens't have that jerk you forward braking power. (I can't stop on a dime at 5 mph) My avalanche stops better. Could this simply be needing to bleed the brakes or is there something bigger going on here?
    coryk51 ·
    Hey man. My name is Cory and I just figured I would shoot you a pm in regards to my 2005 mdx touring. I have seen your user name all over this site and you seem very knowledgable! So here it goes. 102K just had timing belt and h2o pump done, complete tune up, tranny flush and an egr valve done. Truck was idiling very rough but my mechanic installed a new egr valve and it it prob 75% better but is still running rough at idle especially when in gear. No codes whatsoever! Any ideas what may cause this? I am the original owner and owned since new and taken really great care of it and this is really the first problem with it so far but it is driving me nuts. Thanks, Cory
    potentialMDXer? ·
    Hi SuperTech,

    I REALLY want a MDX, but the complaints on these forums about the transmission/torque converter scare me. How popular is this issue on the 04-06 MDXs? Are the people on these forums (here and Edmund's) a few loud complainers, or is this a serious problem with the vehicle? How can I avoid it? Are there certain VIN batches that were found to be affected? I was thinking about taking a gamble and purchasing a 04 MDX w 85k miles. Is it almost certain that this MDX will start giving me TC/tranny problems once it hits 100-120k miles?
    beckmdx ·
    Hey SuperTech,
    I have the same inside rear tire wear issue on my second set of tires and this negative camber issue is going to cost me again. Tires Plus here in St. Paul said they cannot change the camber on the rear of the MDX however you previously recommended the following: A set of adjustable length upper control arms like these from SPC are what you need...
    Acura MDX SPC Performance EZ Arms XR Control Arms

    These were from SPC however their website does state these ones (hyperlinked from you originally) do not fit MDX. Can you do me a big favor and send over the site I should go to to order these? Many, many thanks! Steve
    vtecno ·
    hello supertech, i got the shop to follow your suggestion to loosen the pinch bolts and retighten them and now everything is ok, no more steering wheel noise and saved me from having to replace the whole steering rack, but the tech still couldnt believe how he caused the problem as he says he has changed a lot of mounts in the past with no problem. anyways, thank you very much for the advice!!!
    JimBo5 ·
    Hi SuperTech, I'm seeking some expert advice on my '04 Touring MDX. It's in great shape, only 70k miles, dealer maintained, but has always had a kind of a weak suspension- front end feels everything and rear end suspension creaks over bumps/humps. My buddy has an '05 and there's a noticeable ride difference. I know I bottomed out pretty hard on some unmarked road construction last year that most likely made things worse. I had it checked out yesterday and was told everything checked out except I needed the following: Front Eng Mount $455; Side Eng Mount $247; Front Sway Bar & Bushings $267. I plan on keeping the vehicle so I'm interested in understanding your opinion as to what else should be replaced at this time to bring the suspension up to spec and insight into reasonable cost to cure. Thanks, JimBo5
    vtecno ·
    hi supertech, i had front and passenger side motor mounts replaced and now there is a clicking noise in steering wheel when you turn it at slow speeds. repair shop insists noise was there before mounts replaced which it wasnt and now say steering rack and coupler need to be replaced. is this correct? is there any other way to fix? Thanks for input.
    rocket2 ·
    Good Morning SuperTech,
    i change my oil and filter yesterday from mobil1 oil and filter to royal purple and k&n oil filter(pricey)but its okay i love driving this suv,now my question if i may is that after i drove my mdx this summer for about 10k,i notice the change of the idling of the engine,it used to be smooth and quite when the engine is warm,now the engine sound rough,is it because of now higher miles(25k),or maybe the timing, or the engine mount since i drove it in a dirt road for about 80miles,
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