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  1. Got a set of 04 MDX wheels (will split for spare)

    Here you go. The wheel and tire weight around 50 lbs. and I will be shipping from 94545 if you want to figure out the shipping cost.
  2. Got a set of 04 MDX wheels (will split for spare)

    If any one is interested in some full size spare. I am trying to get rid of a set. $60ea. Plus shipping from 94545. Tires are on there and have a lot of thread left. But they are pretty old and starting to have small cracks. ron(at)e-motorsport(dotcom)
  3. Rolled MDX

    The pics. are also here. I don't know anything about that x.. but usually when cars roll over the front air bags doesn't deploy... Ron
  4. Rolled MDX

    This was at an insurance auction in SF Bay Area yesterday.
  5. RAZO low beam bulb BURNED OUT already !

    Hello everyone.. Sorry, I haven't been here for a while now.. My Razo also went about a couple of months ago.. I just put the stock ones back on.. If I remember right Razo only has 30 days warranty..We didn't see any one blow that soon.. I can't give you a refund or a new bulb unless it is...
  6. Catz HIDs

    Group Buys
    Hello MDXers, My Razos went out a couple of months ago and I've had the stock bulbs in there.. But finally got some nice lights.. I just got a pair of Catz HID 9006 for the MDX today.. If anyone is interested I can get them for $440 a set, maybe cheaper if we have order a few sets. These are...
  7. SF Bay Area Members Sound Off!

    General Discussions
    Hi everyone.. I live in San Jose and work in Hayward. My friend and I run a Auto parts/accesories store. We got our MDX in late 2000 and has 26k mi on it..Haven't been able to come by here much. I have seen many MDXs all over the places but haven't seen one with the sticker.. Except...
  8. 2002 Mdx

    SF Bay Area
    Car sales must be really bad right now.. Mike Harvey is by far the most expensive place.. They sold an Integra Type R for $10,000 over MSRP. And also the S2000 were $10,000 over...And $4000 over was what they wanted plus a couple of Accessories.. Ron
  9. PIAA Yellow Ion fog lights

    Group Discounts: Ideas & Suggestions
    Yes, they are the same bulbs.. But since our distributor only had 4 left, I couldn't even buy more to get the price down... Gary, I still have 3 sets left as of now.. I will give the others who said they wanted them on top of this tread until end of the day today. If I still have them by...
  10. View videos on Nav screen

    Audio & Electronics
    Oops, the P7000 was modified but not the AVC-RGB1. But it is very easy to do. Steve posted all the instructions somewhere on the TL list. I am asking $150 for the RGB1 that is the MSRP.. there are places that sell them from $99 and up but I belive it is discontinued and they don't have...
  11. View videos on Nav screen

    Audio & Electronics
    Thanks to Steve (aka VideoOnNavi) I've been watching DVDs on my Navi Screen while my wife drives.:D I had a shop install the AVC-RGB1 and a Blaupunkt ME1 DVD/MP3 player installed along with an Alpine CD changer. They were able to get the sound of DVDs and MP3 thru the factory sound system by...
  12. PIAA Yellow Ion fog lights

    Group Discounts: Ideas & Suggestions
    I just got the last 4 sets left of the Piaa yellow fog lights and ship one to mikedan on Friday.. I have 3 sets left.. $79.00 plus shipping per set.. Thanks, Ron
  13. Did y ou get a pen?

    General Discussions
    Maybe the salesperson just used it to write something and forgot to give it back. When we got ours the sales manager used it to write something and almost took off with it but our salesman reminded him. I think you should just ask for it. It might just be a simple mistake. As for the survey...
  14. RAZO bulbs and Piaa yellows

    General Discussions
    I've changed a few bulbs but never disconnected the battery. I didn't have any problems.
  15. RAZO bulbs and Piaa yellows

    General Discussions
    Piaas are being shipped to me today.. Hi, They should be here Wed or Thurs day... I will ship them out as soon as we get them...I have a couple of sets extra so if anyone wants a set, let me know.. Thanks, Ron