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  1. Is it just me or is the traffic on the site dead?

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    I think the site may not be as exciting as it use to be is because the MDX isn't new anymore. A lot of the original members had to wait several months to get their MDX or travel out of state to buy it to avoid waiting several months to take delivery. A lot of us paid MSRP for our MDX, now you...
  2. Engine stumble/miss at low RPM

    I took my MDX in for this problem, but I didn't have the Check Engine and/or VTM-4 light come on. The dealer checked it out and they didn't find anything wrong and recommended changing gas stations (I use 91 octane at BP). I month later still the same problem I went back and they replaced the...
  3. Door interier damaged while moving.. How much to fix?

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    I would have it replaced. Give Tim a call, get a price for replacement and give it to the moving company.
  4. VTEC Engine Care Theft Ring in Cleveland, OH

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    VTEC Engine Car Theft Ring in Cleveland, OH Members in Ohio beware. I don't know if they are only going after cars but the X does have the VTEC engine. See the link below, I have also posted the story in this thread...
  5. Porter Cable Polisher

    Worm Thanks for the links, some good information. I see why your X is so shinny. :cool: :cool:
  6. Is it just me?

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    JMT2004 Sounds like your X is being serviced by Pohanka in Chantilly. They do like to give you gas guzzlers for loaner vehicles.
  7. A-SPEC DEAL (must read)

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    The dealer is Ardmore Acura (Philadelphia) and it was was posted in this thread.
  8. Just Ordered '04 Tl A-spec!

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    The pics in my previous post are the Concept A-SPEC TL. Sorry about that
  9. Just Ordered '04 Tl A-spec!

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    dectech1 What dealer and location in PA did your order you TL from? I'm looking for a TL also, your deal sounds very good.
  10. Just Ordered '04 Tl A-spec!

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    This car is SWEET!!!!!:fatyo: :fatyo: :fatyo:
  11. Just Ordered '04 Tl A-spec!

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    another view
  12. Just Ordered '04 Tl A-spec!

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    I believe this is the A-Spec TL
  13. Ready to see new rusty??? (56k warning)

    WOW I have been off the forum for while and this post is disturbing. I wonder if other Honda/Acura products have this issue. Does anybody here visit the Pilot or Odessy forums to see if they are having problems? I'm going to check out the underside of the new TL on my next dealer visit...
  14. Has the demand fallen for MDX or what?

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    MDroX What dealer in N VA are you refering to? I'm in the market for the new TL and when they first came out the dealers wanted MSRP. I decided to wait to see if the price would go down. If they have some on the lot maybe I can get one now for under MSRP. That will be a nice Mothers Day...
  15. What about Meguiars NXT?

    I think it's 3M SwirlMark Remover. See the link below. I'm considering using 3M products now that I'm amost out of Zaino. The zaino is great but I find it time comsuming.