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  • glennson ·
    i saw you post regarding re routing verses using wake. Im in SoCal. i went in and looked for the "server on/off" but don't see it on my 17 MDX tech. I have the rerouting on and it says TRFC in green lower left.. what am i doing wrong. i often drive from the valley to san diego and while wake is moving me and having me take the 73, the nav has me sitting in bumper to bumper

    thanks, Glenn
    twetz8 ·
    Neoshi, I own a 2011 MDX and was thinking of buying a 2016 MDX AWD with Tech package. I keep reading about transmission issues with this car and noises with the rear of the car. Any thoughts on this?
    BaleriaMay ·
    I own a 2001 Acura MDX. As I pulled into my home and got stuck in ice, I tried to get out and began to hear bubbling sounds followed by smoke that lasted for seconds. I did hear the bubbling/gurgling sounds earlier today. My thermostat in the inside doesn't show my car was over heated. Could this be my radiator? The smoke was coming out from the right side of my hood (in my truck, looking out)
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