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  • Mljbone ·
    Hi, the other day my wife was driving her 2005 MDX (150000 miles) and said her transmission was slipping out of gear. Got it home and noticed A/at temp light and check engine light on. Checked tranny oil, and it was burnt. Checked the codes and they were P0780 and P0745. Did a at home flush by pulling out hose to cooler and turning on car to pump out fluid ( I do so by pumping out 4 quarts at a time until fluid is clean). The first time only 3 quarts came out, then fluid stopped coming out. Added the 3 quarts and proceeded with flush taking out 4 quarts and adding 4 quarts 2 more times until all burnt fluid was out. Topped off fluid and took for a test drive. It ran great for about 10 miles then A/T light came on and started to slip in and out of gear. The fluid burnt again. So I pulled hoses to cooler and ran air thru one and air ran thru cooler. Is there something I'm missing? Because it ran great until overheating of tranny, I'm pretty sure that it's not the whole thing that's bad.*
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